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God Stories


February 18th, 2010

When I left my house God told me to grab the puppets that were on my table. I put them in my bags and jumped in the car. We had worship going at 6pm…and the room was filled with peace coming in! It was so lovely! I put the puppets on the stage and began to pray. As I lay the puppets down God had me count them and there were 8. Then He remind me that we were sending these to Zimbabwe, Africa. On Sunday, we got word from the Director of these orphans in Africa that 8 were in a car accident and all of them were critically ill. AHHH, that is why God told me to bring 8 puppets to church! We were going to speak life to these orphans. So, the leaders covered this room in prayer, worship, and spoke life over these 8 orphans. We did not spend a long time doing this, but the peace and refreshing it brought was so lovely! Our Awana kids walked into this atmosphere and walked straight up to the puppets and got on the floors and spoke life over these orphans. (We, of course, told them the story) I wish you could have heard them praying. The 1st& 2nd graders prayed with everything on the inside of them! The Cubbies did the same! They put their hands inside of them and hugged them and kissed them while they prayed! Love! Pure love! One of the 5thgraders cried as she prayed life over these children. (This same girl experience a healing miracle in her body this past summer)

They were so READY to extend their faith! They had no doubt that God had healed these orphans! It was AWESOME!


I am so proud to say that God heard their cry!!I get to tell them next week the GOOD NEWS! This is a letter from the Director of the orphans in Zimbabwe.      

Thurs.  11th

Dear Family and Friends,

     Just received a phone call from Zimbabwe.  One of our orphans was killed in the car wreck.   Ron heard and got up, feeling the Lord said go to the morgue and pray for Panashe.   He did and Panashe came back alive and well!   So, Ron then went back to the hospital and prayed for each of our orphans.   There were many bones breaks, etc. as they were thrown from the car.   The x-rays then reported no bone breaks, only some bruises.   A family heard what was going on and had a daughter that had been in the hospital for 3 weeks in a coma.   They asked Ron to pray for her.  They are taking her home right now--whole and well!!!  They asked if they could pay Ron's hospital bill.   Ron said no, but they paid half--$2000 of it anyway. Praise our God!!!   There's a revival going on in the hospital now and the people are calling Ron the miracle man!!!!!!!!!!   Praise  our Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

           Thanks for partnering in prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Love you!   Tom and Mary

After hearing this news today I could not wait to tell you! My heart is so happy!

Our kids are changing lives. God is using them to touch the world! They are raising the dead! Our children are moving mountains! They are moving into places with God that are deep…..they are seeing visions and dreams. And the fun part…we are going with them! Can’t wait for the next God story! 

I love you all!

P.S. We learned later that the young man was raised from the dead before Wednesday night, however, our kids were SOOOOO happy that they had a part in praying for them anyway! When I told them the God Story, they jumped and shouted, "Praise the Lord"!!! It was so exciting. Each week, we have been bringing the puppets to worship and having the children extend their faith and pray for someone who needs it. So stay tuned, there will be more God Stories later!  


August 30, 2010

When you and Yana announced your vision to reach out to orphans in a tangible way, through handmade puppets, I knew I wanted to be a part of this ministry. I managed to complete ten puppets and then my sewing machine broke down. I took it to a repair shop in Austin, hoping it would be something simple, as Kelly had been layed off for several months. When the man at the shop examined the inside, he showed me the broken gear and explained that it would be around $80 or so. My response was a quick "Oh, I better wait on this." I'd hoped it would not be over $35 or $40 at the most. As I was telling him about the puppet ministry and how frustrating it was to have only made ten before the machine quit, a man walked in and overheard my conversation with the repairman, as he was closing my machine up. I told him I would be back when my husband got back to work or my part-time job increased. This man, who had come in to pick up a machine, asked how much it was going to cost to fix my machine. The repairman told him and without hesitation, he said he wanted to cover the bill. My mouth fell open, water filled my eyes, and in shock I said "Oh my gosh! How kind of you!" I told him "I was prepared to spend as much as $40 so..." But he interrupted and said "No, it's no big deal, I want to do this. My grandmother sewed puppets for orphans too." We spoke briefly and as James wrote his check to cover repairs on both machines, the dear lady and man at Singer Northwest Sewing Center agreed that they wanted to do their part and they gave him a nice discount. I did my best to express my gratitude and I asked James for his email address so I could send a proper thank you note. He said "That's not necessary at all." and he handed me his card. May God richly bless James Billingsley and his business, M & M Super Moving of Austin, TX. as well as, Singer Northwest Sewing Center on Burnet Rd.What an awesome day that was, to see God move in the hearts of strangers in such a special way.

Hugs, Dana